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Traveling to Tampa

Lucy and I have tentative plans to travel to Tampa next week. We will be available for incall and outcall appointments in the Tampa area Friday March 23 – Sunday 25. Please schedule soon to confirm availability. See our booking page for more information on how to book an appointment. Men, Women, Transgendered Folks and Couples welcome! Please inquire for special couples rates 🙂

breath and awareness

When is the last time you focused on your breathing? For such a life sustaining activity breathing is not often given enough credit. Its a simple way to center and focus your attention. Meditation and focus are insightful tools that allow us to stop and listen to what our bodies are trying to tell us, especially during sensual activities.

Pranayama is the Sanskrit word for extension of the breath/life force.

As some of our clients may have noticed I enjoy beginning most sessions with a short breathing exercise where we inhale and exhale together which is my modified version of the Heart Chakra meditation.

“Did you know that if two or more people begin breathing together that their heartbeats actually synchronize?”. Watch this video for more information about breathing and don’t hesitate to book your next appointment for more meditative practices 🙂


Daniella xxx

What is Tantra?

The term tantra today can stir up many confusing definitions. Is it sexual? Is it spiritual? Is it just about breath work and prostate massage?

Tantra is all of these things and much more.

Unfortunately today in most adult entertainment advertising the term tantra is used as a code word for for a bunch of different things which can create confusion for the client when seeking an appointment and does a great disservice to the art of Tantra itself.

Tantra originated in India in the early centuries AD when the popular religions of the time were Buddhism and Hinduism.

Tantra is Sanskrit for “weaving” or “loom”, it also means a “continuous process” or “the carrying out of a ceremony”.Tantra is a path of meditation. The difference between Tantra and normal meditation is that most meditative practices seek to transcend the physical body into higher consciousness.

Tantra on the other hand is a series of meditations, practices, and breathwork designed to drop you back into your body by using your senses. We find knowledge and wisdom and inner peace within. These practices can occur alone or with a partner. They can be sexual or sensual in nature or both.

We are living, energetic, electrical beings and when we connect on a divine level lots of creative energy abounds and can be used intentionally to heal, manifest or experience bliss.

by Daniella